Ray W. Frohnhoefer,

Ray Frohnhoefer is a passionate program management consultant, author, speaker, and educator with over forty years of experience managing software and technology projects, programs, and portfolios in multiple industries, including financial services and education.

In addition to managing his own company, PPC Group, LLC, Ray is also an instructor and faculty mentor at several Southern California learning institutions, including UC San Diego Extension and California Southern University. His mission is to help individuals and organizations improve their practice of project and program management, and many of his educational programs and consulting engagements focus on new and “accidental” project managers.

Ray is also a long-time PMI volunteer.  In 2001 he started as Director of Public Relations for PMI San Diego Chapter, served as Chapter President in 2005, and for the past six years, has been on Board Support Committees, serving the PMI Global Board of Directors. His current assignment is on the Ethics Review Committee.

Ray’s project management strengths include planning, risk management, development of innovative methodologies and frameworks, conflict resolution, continuous improvement, and software implementation management.



Ray has authored and contributed to multiple books.


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Under development.



Ray is a speaker on business and management topics.